What, may you ask, the hell is a Geek Rush?

My personal definition (For my personal word) would be that high-energy, rushy, bouncy feeling that you get when you feel joy or excitement for something incredibly geeky. It is that warmth you feel in your chest when you see your favorite webcomic has updated; It is that jolt in your head you feel when they announce the sequel to your favorite movie, and that little zzzt! that goes off when you find a limited edition figurine of a book/series/whatever you love. It’s one of the best feeling in the world, like a caffeine rush mixed with a sugar high, and that feeling you get on Christmas morning, all mixed into one. The only way to describe that is, well, a rush.

You could say it’s like being on drugs, but I prefer not to affiliate myself (Or my obsessions) with that sort of thing.

Besides, being a geek is far more addictive.


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