The Five Stages of Finishing a Deadfic

It’s sad to watch a good fanfic die. The story starts out, the author updates every week or so, and characters realistic, the plot crackling with life….

And then it ends.

You refresh the page constantly for hours on an end, staring at the mocking words, “Last Update: June 18, 2010” There are few things more painful than seeing this as you scroll through the chapters, and you wonder if the author died, or was just being lazy. This is one of the sad risks of fanfic; (That, and lemon fics) There is a chance of getting hooked on a really great fanfic that never truly concludes.

These are the typical stages of grief after you finish that last chapter.

1. Denial

You look at the chapter list in confusion, trying in vain to scroll down. Surely there’s been a mistake! I mean, the author herself said the next chapter would be out on Thursday! Right? Right?

2. Anger

What a jerkass! The nerve of him, leaving all of his readers hanging… Would it kill to at least leave a message, or an excuse? A one-shot? Anything? Those bastards….

3. Bargaining

Maybe if you contribute to their (Long expired) PayPal account, they’ll post? Or, wait, a quick email will do the trick! Yeah, just humbly beg them to release a chapter, and all of your problems will be solved, and you can get on with your life! Wait, why is Gmail sending me an error message?

4. Depression


5. Acceptance

Eh, the canon was better anyway.



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