Quick List of Unicorn Chasers and Brain Bleach

We’ve all done it. You clicked the tinyurl and got treated to a lovely goatse display. Or you just spent 4.5 hours playing Slender, and want to be able to sleep for the next few months. And I bet you regret reading that terrible creepypasta…

If the implications weren’t as serious as they are, you would probably soak your brain in bleach right around now.

What you need is a unicorn chaser.

A unicorn chaser (Or unicorn rinser, or brain/eye bleach) is a set of pleasant or appealing images you look at/read/watch after an unpleasant image or experience (Like a scary game/movie, gross image, or Creepypasta) Here is a quick list of recommended head-cleaners for your viewing pleasure, lest you happen to stumble upon the darker parts of the internet while surfing.


To put it simply, it is an endless procession of adorable animals. On its own, it is quite mind numbing to all but the most hearty of animal lovers. After seeing any nasty images, this site is pretty good way to get your head clean, and fill your soul with images of anime-eyed kittens, Fennec foxes, and (strangely enough) baby spiders.

Jack Johnson

This is glurgey, feel-good, sappy, sappy, sappy music, that actually happens to be good. It is warm, fuzzy, and cuddly, and it talks about happy, nice images (Like love, and surfing ,and Hawaiians) It’s good music for when you’re depressed, or after you have read a post that made you lose your faith in humanity. I mean, seriously; How can you be mad after listening to this?

TV Tropes

I LOVE TV Tropes. It’s a very addictive site, and can cause you to rack up a lot of links as you go. It isn’t a site designed specifically as a UC, but sometimes the best way to get something scary out of your head is to deconstruct it. Slenderman scaring you to death? One of the theories on his Wild Mass Guessing page is that his real name is Jimmy. [Citation need] Images of Grunts from Amnesia burned into your skull? It might help if you knew that fandom calls them “Mr. Flappyjaw” (Cute, I guess…) The only issue with it is that fact you can easily spend hours on it. Hours, and hours, and hours…

Yakety Sax

This is your last resort. You just spend 3 straight hours playing Silent Hill 2, and you refuse to turn off the the 9 lights, lamps, and nightlights you set up in your room. You barraged yourself with pictures of puppies, listened to 6 different songs about surfing, and even managed to find about about the infamous dog ending, but all to no avail. Every time the wind blows, you think it’s pyramid head.

Until you listen to this.

I swear, Yakety Sax has the ability to make ANYTHING funny. The rabies scene in Old Yeller? Hilarious! (In a twisted, twisted way. You sicko.) Titanic? You’ll be laughing your ass off as Jack freezes to death. Even the chestburster scene in Alien takes on a new dimension of humor. Use it sparingly, though, or your friends will give you some very odd looks when you start chuckling to yourself during scary movie night.


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