Geeky Holidays to Celebrate in November

Ah, November. That wonderful time of year to watch football, eat turkey, and scream in exasperation when you hear another Christmas commercial over the radio, before it’s even the end of the first week. To take your poor, over-Jingle-Bell’d minds off of the horror that is the corporate sellout, it is my great pleasure to present these quirky holidays to celebrate this month. (Next time, I’ll post it on the first weekend of the month!)

geek headstoneNovember 2: Write your Own Epitaph Day

We are but mere mortals (Unless I’m missing something here) and, eventually, we will all go up to the big comic book store (Or movie theatre, or Comic Con, etc) in the sky. What will you want the world to remember you by? Well, on this day, you can decide while you’re still kicking! Would you prefer a Monty Python quote? Or perhaps a Firefly quip to eternally mark your remains? Plan for the future!

king tutNovember 4: King Tut Day

For history buffs, archeologists, and Egyptian geeks, this is truly a day to celebrate. Revel in the fact that though King Tut might not have been the greatest, or richest, or even the best-mummified Pharaoh out there, his tomb was absolutely untouched by grave robbers. (Well, until at least until Howard Carter came along) Go and have a King Tut party; It shouldn’t be cursed! (If you ARE cursed, I take no responsibility for any deaths, injuries, possessions by vengeful Egyptian demons, etc)

we do not forgive November 5: Guy Fawkes Day (AKA Anonymous Day)

Member of Anonymous, you know who you are, (‘Cos I sure don’t!) and you should already know about this holiday. Also known as Bonfire Night, it was originally (And still is, to some extent) celebrated to commemorate the failed assassination of the English king James I. Typically celebrated with bonfires and drinking (as are many holidays are wont to do) It is also celebrated with opposite intentions in some circles, these intentions being to celebrate rebellion against the government. Characterized with the cry of ‘Remember, remember, the 5th of November’ (Popularized by the comic and the move V for Vendetta) this day celebrates rebellion against conformity and oppression, and is (somewhat) considered the national day for the (in)famous internet group, Anonymous. This group celebrates the day with protests, threats, and wearing masks of Fawkes. No that I encourage this, or disparage this,  in any way. (Please don’t hurt me, Anonymous! I have a family!)

Approved for release by USNS Comfort PAO LT Susan Henson ( or 6: National Saxophone Day

Yes, for all of you former band geeks (And Lisa Simpson fans) now is the day to shine! Play a spontaneous solo in the middle of the street! Listen to your favorite John Coltrane albums! Watch that Simpsons episode with Bleeding Gums Murphy again! Or, do your ‘phone a favor and give it a good polish. It deserves it.

sillyNovember 20: Absurdity Day

And, to finish off the month, the 20th is the day to be absurd. (Well, if you aren’t absurd enough already) Go wild! Try some Ministry-approved walks! Eat breakfast for dinner! Attempt to read Twilight! (Ok, please don’t do the last one, for the sake of your sanity. You’ll regret it.) The possibilities are endless. Variety may be the spice of life, but weird is like the vitamins; If you go without it, you become rather grey. (Well, and you also suffer from a variety of horrible diseases, but you get the idea.) Embrace the weirdness in you, and spread it around. It makes the world far more interesting.

Happy rushing this November!


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