Top 4 Video Game Songs

Quick disclaimer: These are my  personal favorites here. I know that some people love these songs, and some people hate them; These are just the ones that I like the most, and wanted to share. This post also contains a few SPOILERS!

Music is a powerful thing. It can invoke great emotions within one’s self, and adds depth and personality to various forms of media. Video-game makers are taking advantage of this, and often spend a good amount of time and effort into creating an atmospheric, fitting soundtrack to help immerse the player in the game. Here are my personal top 4 video game songs (In no particular order) that give me a Rush.

1. The Gusty Galaxy Theme Song (Super Mario Galaxy)

They didn’t name Super Mario Galaxy the Game of the Generation for nothing. This song fits the theme of the galaxy perfectly: It’s breezy, light, and fun, yet elegant. It makes you feel like you’re dancing on air. Heck, this song is so popular that it’s practically the theme song for the Super Mario Galaxy series–And with good reason! It’s an all-around likeable song, even if you’ve never played the game.

2. Drunken Whaler (Dishonored)

I’m slightly cheating with this one. You don’t really find this song in-game, except for in some obscure book about sea-shantys. (And even then, it’s only the lyrics) It was, in fact, played over the E3 trailer for the game, but even that does nothing to lessen the fact that it’s a really great song. What makes it great is that fact that it fits the game so well. It’s dark, creepy, and gruesome– Like you’re going to do something horrible to someone in the next five minutes. (Remind you of something?) It’s the exact opposite of the Gusty Garden theme; It make you feel gloomy and depressed, and also a bit scared. Seriously! It sounds like it’s being sung by a little girl possessed by a demon. And it sounds awesome.

3. Turret Opera (Portal 2)

Most people love Still Alive, and post it as their favorite Portal Song. I, however, put this song as my favorite. Why? Because it is sweet, beautiful, and (Once you read the translated lyrics) sad. It’s a bittersweet ending to the second Portal game; The taste of freedom as you make your way up to the surface, that will still bring tears to your eyes once you realize the meaning of the words. (Go do it! Now!) The only thing cuter is the music box version.

4. Skyrim Theme (Skyrim)

This is one of those special, special songs–Y’ know, the kind that automatically makes you feel badass, no matter what you’re doing? Like Guren no Yumiya and Eye of The Tiger, this song makes you feel like you could go outside and save the world, slay a dragon, or conquer a small European country with nothing but an AK-47 and a machete. When I first heard it, I thought it was being sung by a bunch of fully-armed, musclebound Vikings. It oozes awesomeness. It is a song to make you motivated. It is… dragonborn.

And so, there you have it. A song to make you happy, a song to make you creeped out, a song to make you sad, and a song to make you feel badass. Hope this post gave you as much of a Rush as it gave me when I wrote it!


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