5 No-Sew, Homemade Halloween Costumes

Inept with a needle? Can’t knit to save your life? Blew all of your cash on a full-sized, limited edition Thor cardboard cutout? No worries! These easy, homemade Halloween costumes will appeal to any geek or nerd out there, without the hassle of sewing or buying a crappy, expensive store-bought costume!

1. Any of the Doctors from Doctor Who

Credit to Los Angeles Times


The Doctor is a perfect costume-box (As I like to call no-sew costumes) cosplay–there is a large amount of choice, and most of it is clothes you can find at any consignment shop or second-hand store. 11th Doctor give you a Rush? Tweed jacket, off-white shirt, dark pants, and the signature bowtie, and you’re good to go! Tom Baker more your cup of tea? Grab a fedora, long coat, a funky scarf, and a packet of Jellybabies (Sour Patch Kids is a good American replacement) and assemble. Hey, you have 11 different choices!

2. Ninja

I was inspired by this excellent Youtube Video by Michelle Phan for this one.

Add a black turtleneck and black pants, (Nunchucks optional) and impress your friends, family, and enemies.

3. Mad Scientist



This one is very customizable. All you need is a labcoat, and you can take it from there. Want to look like you were in a lab accident? Smear your coat with charcoal and mess up your hair with hairgel. Is Marie Curie your childhood hero? Cut open a glow-stick and splash it on for a ‘radioactive’ glow. (Careful, this will only last a few hours.) Is there a Mary Shelley book on your bedside table? Recruit a friend to go as Frankenstein’s monster, and do a double-costume. The possibilities are endless!

4. Vampire Slayer

Screw you, Edward.

Screw you, Edward.

Sick and tired of the Twilight fandom? (I am too.) Retaliate with a vampire slayer costume, and terrorize any Edward Cullen cosplayers come Halloween! While the actual image of a vampire slayer is up to interpretation, thanks to a wide range of popular characters (From Buffy to Hellsing) you can pull off the universal image pretty well: A black or a very dark brown trenchcoat, black clothes, and a dark fedora. Carry a cross, and wear garlic around your neck. Blue-dyed water in a fancy bottle (Or a small spray bottle, if you wish) makes pretty good ‘holy water’. Cap it off with a stake covered in red paint and sparkles.

5. Time Traveler

This one is a sinch. Wear out-of-date clothes. (Anything from the Industrial age to the 90’s) Randomly walk up to people and ask “What year is it?” When they respond with the appropriate year, (“Uh…2013?) yell, “Yes! Yes! YES! IT WORKED!!!!” and run off screaming.

5. (For real) Arthur Dent

arhtur dent

No costume? Don’t panic!

Ok, the last one was a bit of a cop-out. Here’s a real one this time!

For Hitchhiker’s fans, this outfit should be your top choice. Bathrobe and pajamas is all there is to it. Don’t forget your towel!

General Tips

  • Take a trip back to your childhood, and remember when you used to play dress-up. You can get a lot of ideas this way!
  • Consignment and second-hand stores are a geek’s best friend.
  • Stuck? Look through your book/dvd/figurine shelf for ideas!
  • Make sure your costume is appropriate for the weather. Don’t go as slave-Leia if you live in New England, and don’t go as an Eskimo if you reside in Flordia.

Happy Rushing this Halloween!


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